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"Great system and VERY easy to implement. I am very happy with the switch. NO regrets! :)"

A Sale Owner in OH

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MySaleManager.NET flexible for my sale? Can it be used for consignment events other than just events specializing in children's items?
Yes. MSM is very flexible, and has lots of options you can configure so that you can tailor the software to run the way YOU want it to, rather than changing your sale to accomodate your software. You can set options to determine how consignor numbers are assigned (even allowing consignors to choose their own number), you can add or modify categories and sizes (allows you to sell virtually anything), and there are many different tag formats to choose from, so you can pick the one that works best for your sale.

What kind of Customer Service can I expect from MySaleManager.NET?
At MSM, we believe that a software product is only as good as its customer support. No matter how good a software package is, customers will always have questions. Each MSM client has John's personal cell phone number and can call anytime (not just business hours - we have done support at 4am before!). We are very responsive to email and we also offer extensive program documentation as well as an online Knowledge Base that only MSM clients have access to. But don't take our word on the quality of our support - we encourage you to ask ANY MSM client what they think of our support. We are confident that you will find that our customer support is unmatched.

If I already have existing consignor and mailing list data, will I lose that information if I implement MSM? Can my consignors keep their existing consignor numbers?
We can easily import your existing consignor and/or mailing list data. This means that your consignors can keep their existing numbers.

Can I get more detailed information about the difference between Inventory Mode and Non-Inventory Mode?
Yes. click HERE for more information.

Is my sale data safe and secure?
Yes. Your account data can only be accessed via your unique admin portal, which only you have the credentials for. All of our servers utilize RAID technology which keeps your data safe from disk failure and we backup all account data nightly. We even go the extra step of transferring our backup data to a remote location each day. These processes allow us to keep your data as safe and secure as technologically possible.

What computer hardware/equipment do I need to use MSM?
For the most part, just about any computer, barcode scanner, printer will work fine, but here are some guidelines you can follow when it comes to getting the equipment you need to automate your sale using MSM:
  • Computers: Any computer that will run Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 11 will work fine with the MSM system.
  • Barcode Scanners: Just about any decent barcode scanner should work fine, but it might require configuration to work with MSM. If you want to purchase a good quality scanner that works with MSM without any configuration needed, then we recommend the Honewell/Metrologic Voyager MS9520, MS9540, 1200g, 1250g, or 1300g. These can easily be found for purchase on Amazon or by doing a Google search.
  • Printers: You need a printer for printing receipts, reports, and optionally checks and tags. Any standard inkjet or laser printer will work just fine for receipts, but we recommend laser printers as they are more economical when it comes to toner and they do a better job when printing the barcodes. If you want to print thermal "strip" receipts for your customers, we support Epson thermal receipt printers and you would need one for each checkout station.
If I am not satisfied, can I get a refund?
We are confident that the MSM system will meet your needs and you will be pleased with your decision. We will be happy to give you a full refund if the MSM system does not meet the needs of your sale.

Do you plan to continue to enhance the MSM service?
Absolutely! Supporting Sale Owners is our #1 priority. We get tons of great feedback from our clients and based on their suggestions/requests we are constantly making enhancements and adding new features to the software.

Do I have to purchase a computer for every checkout station?
Not necessarily. To experience the full benefit of MSM, a computer at every checkout is recommended so that you can get the speed and accuracy benefits of scanning barcodes at checkout. However, if you are fine with your current checkout process, you can run your checkouts as you have in the past (cash register, 10-key, etc.) and just have one computer in a "back room" where all the sold tags get scanned after checkout is complete. Using this method, you only need one computer and one barcode scanner. Since all tags are scanned into the MSM system, you still experience the full benefit of automated seller reconciliation and check printing, and you still have all the benefits of the online services (consignor registration, item entry, etc.)

Do I have to implement barcoding if I use MSM for my sale?
No. Our POS software supports quick and easy manual entry, so you can manually enter any (and all if you prefer) tags directly into the POS. The information that you manually enter is printed right there on the tag. There is no loss of functionality in the system if you manually enter items rather than scan them. A manually entered item is treated the same in the system as a scanned item.

Do all of a consignor's items have to have a barcode on them?
We recommend that you have all of your consignors enter their items into the system, but you can set up the POS software so that it accepts an item and credits it to the consignor even if that item does not exist in consignor inventory at the time. So the answer to this question would be no because you can manually enter an item that does not have a barcode, and the consignor will still get credit for the sale. This allows you to accept MSM tags, handwritten tags, or tags from some other automation system at your sale, as long as the consignor number on the tag is the same number that consignor has at your sale.

Can I see a demo of MySaleManager?
Yes. We have a fully functional demo of all the online functions of MSM, available to anyone at anytime. We do not require that you "get involved" with us before you try out the software. You can view the demo anytime by simply clicking the "View Demo" link on the menu at left. We also have a fully-functioning demo of the Sale Owner's Admin Portal. All we ask is that you REQUEST credentials to get access to the demo Admin Portal.

If I use the MSM system, do I still have to remove tags from items at checkout?
MSM does not require that you remove tags at checkout. All that is required to sell an item is that you scan the barcode. The decision on whether or not to remove tags is left up to each sale owner based on how they want to run their sale. The MSM software does have several options that help you backup your data though (even in real-time) which greatly reduces the risks of losing data if you have a computer failure and are not removing tags from items when you sell them.

How long has MSM been around, is MSM an established product?
MSM has been offered to the public since 2006. Before that, the software was used to run our own consignment event since 2001 (and continually tweaked and upgraded during that time), so the MSM software has been in use running consignment events for many years. It is an established, seasoned product that is currently in use by hundreds of consignment sales around the country.

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